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Keegan Covey
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Država skrbi za dvig in izkoriščanje gozdov.

Država skrbi za fizično vzgojo ljudstva, posebno mladine, v svrho dviganja narodnega zdravja, narodne, delovne in obrambne sposobnosti.

Ravna čedalje bolj popustljivo dopušča se vsa svoboda.

Oblast je pri nas LJUDSKA!
in which

John Stalvern had been waiting for a good round ten minutes, as the lights overhead blinked and sparked with abandon. That base, it is sure, was overrun by demons. Old Stalvern of course could see nothing of them, but nonetheless had been anticipating their arrival for some years now. Now, Colonel Joson, stubborn old cad that he was, paid very little mind to Stalvern's warnings, and at present it was too late. Far too late for the moment, as it happened.

It chanced that John had been in the Royal Space Marines for fourteen years. As a young lad he would look to the spaceships and say to his father, "Oh, I do wish to be upon one of those ships, daddy dear!" But his father would simply cry out, "Such nonsense, boy! Surely you have no desire to BE KILL BY DEMONS"

Now, there was a time in the flowering of his youth when he would believe his father's tales of demons and the sort, but as he came into his manhood he ceased to believe such flights of fancy. However, John Stalvern, there in the space station colony of the UAC, had the distinct notion that, as a matter of fact, there were indeed demons.

"Right, this is Joson!" came a crackering voice from the radio beside Stalvern. "Give those bally demon rotters wot for! E is for Empire and all that! Tally ho old bean!" And with that, John prepared his trusty palsma rifle, and, needing a quick means of ambulation, obliterated the wall before him.

"I say, old boy! I wager that that sorry sod intends to kill us!" muttered the demons.

The cyberdemon, never one to be fazed by such trifles, simply said, "Well I suppose I'd do best to fire upon him presently," and proceeded to do just that, launching a devastating volley of rocket missiles. John, with the fullest intention of blewing up his cybernetic nemesis, bore upon him with palsma fire. But alas! the ceiling came tumbling down upon them, all but eliminating any ability on their part to kill.

"Oh, bugger. This rather puts a damper on my efforts to fight the demons, doesn't it?" muttered John dryly.

Joson responded, "I should say that fighting the demons as such would be rather detrimental to you, considering that you are the demons, wot wot?"

And, presently, it should have chanced that, indeed, John was a zombie.

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jost1 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Thanks for the WATCH by TheGalleryOfEve
WorldofFood Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist
I have been trying so damn hard to beat Bobrick tower!! I almost made it to the end and died! Is it even possible!?!?!
TehStupidBunny Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
It is possible, though I confess I have only beaten it once or twice without cheating. I think the ending is worth the struggle though. :) (Well, maybe.) It's the folly of a level designed to be as insanely large as the game would allow...
WorldofFood Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist
It's super fun! I will manage to beat it someday. I just hope it's soon. All the art in it is awesome! I can tell a lot of time was spent
TzortzinaErk Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! :D
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